The story of reviveOHIO begins with the desire of a local radio station to see their community revived and encouraged by the power of the Gospel. Having experienced reviveINDIANA through their parent station in Fort Wayne, Indiana, STAR 88.3 wants to see the same unity and outreach take place in the sister community they serve in western Ohio. Representatives from STAR reached out to Time to Revive, inviting the ministry to partner with them in Darke County, Ohio to see revival spread across the Indiana-Ohio state line.

Time to Revive has been pursuing revival in numerous cities across the U.S. since 2007, partnering with the local Church and equipping the saints to share the Gospel and make disciples. This summer, from August 7-27, 2016, Time to Revive was in to Darke County, Ohio to unite the many congregations and lead believers outside of the familiar church walls to pray for others and share the Good News of Jesus on the streets of the community. The Lord moved mightily and now revival is spreading.

As the five stripes on the Ohio state flag represent the roads and waterways that facilitate movement throughout the state, revival has taken off from Darke County and is traveling to an additional four regions. Following Darke County, reviveOHIO invested in Auglaize County, Dayton, and Miami County. Up next, reviveOHIO will take place in Mercer County, the final stripe city, December 11-17, 2016. God has begun something new in Ohio, and it’s taking off!